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We feature the iBin combined with Ring Video Doorbell
Luxer One Locker System


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We now offer the winning combination of The  iBin  home delivery drop box and Ring Video  smart phone technology to provide the highest quality in the prevention of package theft and or missed delivery of packages

For Apartment Complexes, Student Housing, and Retailers we offer the top of line in electronic lockers with Luxer One

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(Source: Wall Street Journal, October 2015)

  Reasons to have either a home delivery drop box or electronic delivery lockers

  1. Dry cleaning hanging on the door is a sure sign your not home and is a red flag telling burglars you're not home. Use the iBin for your laundry service to pick and drop off your laundry 
  2. Packages sitting on the front steps also raise a red flag telling burglars you're not home
  3. Protection from package theft by placing delivered packages in a  re-lockable iBin and using Ring Video Doorbell smart phone technology allowing you to speak with anyone that approches your home. This is also true when using Luxer One electronic lockers in apartment comlexes
  4. Avoid missing delivery notices on your door or window - missed deliveries are not only a pain, but cost couriers each time a delivery is missed.
  5. Have packages safe when you arrive home with either of our products
  6. Package Protection against the elements, like rain, snow, and yes even animals for those food deliveries
  7. Avoid having to pick up packages that were shipped to a receiving center or having to pay for additional delivery from a package receiving center, when the first delivery was free
  8. Share the cost with neighbors or roommates.
  9. You'll have the ability to give special delivery couriers a code to open and place packages in the iBin right from your smart phone using Ring Video Dooorbell technology
  10. In the event the courier does not see the delivery decal or the location of the iBin you'll be able speak to them directly on your smart phone with the use of Ring's live video monitor, guiding them thru the delivery.
  11. Avoid having lobbies filled with packages left for residents in a multiple unit dwelling
  12. Free your staff from having to sort and deliver packages to residents or student's apartments

Complete simple instructions are included with each iBIn - including a door sticker for the delivery man, instructions where to include the code on the shipping label and or thru RIng Video Doorbell that is right on your smart phone


Ensure the packages you receive are safe and secure even when you're not there.
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LTD is an e-commerce website that was created to sell the iBin products, as well as other package protection products. Currently we only have this site available for the iBin and Ring products, and we offer the Luxer One electronic lockers for Apartments, Student Housing, and Retailers

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